Cold Steel America loves to pierce everyone seeking to decorate themselves and of course that includes kids!

The importance of children getting their earlobes pierced is common for many cultures, and we are happy and honored to be a part of that celebration of tradition. However, we do things a little differently now than how things were done when most parents were kids.

First, we only pierce those who are old enough to ask for the piercings and can also show us they understand the responsibility and commitment that comes with having their earlobes pierced. Secondly, we do not use a piercing gun for ANY piercing. We very strongly feel that piercing guns are not safe for performing piercings.

Click here to read a great explanation for why we refuse to use piercing guns, EVER.

At Cold Steel we really want you and your child to have a wonderful, safe, and comfortable experience. Our piercers are very skilled and knowledgeable, and great at creating an environment of trust and confidence. We hope you come see us when your youngsters (or you!) are ready to come get pierced!

Before you come in, please read over our policies section for the necessary documentation you will need to bring with you on your visit.

We hope to see you soon, and add your youngster's triumphant smile to our gallery!